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What is the Land for Love Campaign?

What we do

Hi! Thanks for coming to our website. My name is Matt Fish and I want to tell you a little bit about our campaign!


Land for Love is family originated campaign owned by our parent company, MSF Holdings, that focuses on buying and selling raw land for a purpose greater than just profits.  Land for Love purchases land around the United States at a small discount that is allows for a small return. This concept allows for the land owners to make money on their land without having to do any of the work.  Land for Love takes a large portion of any proceeds made from selling the land and donates to adoption scholarships in the United States.  Head over to the "Non Profit" tab to read more about our passion to help families adopt!

Family Feeding Pigs


Our goal is to make this process as easy and peaceful as possible for you.  We have a wonderful reputation of making buying and selling feel like a breeze.  We will accommodate you and close these deals in a manner that brings the most peace to you.  We have the ability to close with a mobile notary or using title companies near you.  We move extremely quick and can have your money to you in no time. 

Family Owned

Family is first here.  Our goal is to help families both with our cause and with selling the land.  We aim to target buyers that want to build a home for their family on the land.  Our organization is family owned and operated... no big corporate influence here. 



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